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O Boticario is the old name of "pharmacist" and was the name adopted by Miguel Krigsner, for his handling pharmacy, which opened on March 22, 1977 in the city center of Curitiba, located in the state of Paraná. The idea came after a course in Porto Alegre in which Krigsner participated and where artisanal manipulation of medicines was beginning to be rediscovered, giving the patient a personalized treatment option, especially within dermatology. very nice place where people felt good. Instead of the drug-filled counters, the shop had a carpeted room, sofa, magazines, and coffee shop for those who wanted to wait for their recipes to be prepared. brand maintains and improves to this day.

In the handling pharmacy where O Boticário’s story began instead of the usual Pharmacy helpers, pharmacists and owners themselves were on the counter, thus conveying an image of seriousness and confidence. In a short time, mainly due to "word of mouth", people went to the pharmacy looking for products that were already synonymous with quality. It was in this context that Miguel Krigsner left, after manipulating recipes, for production. O Boticário branded products by beating the creams in a mixer that her sister had received as a wedding gift, and so the first products were born - a moisturizing cream, a shampoo and a seaweed-based bubble bath and the first colony of the famous brand Acqua Fresca.

In 1979, already with several O Boticario products and with that special service, he opened the first exclusive store of the brand at Curitiba airport and quickly became a specialty of perfumery and cosmetics desired by all other states of Brazil and much publicized and carried by the crews that passed through that airport and were enchanted with that special store.

In a few years, the small pharmacy of yore gave way to the world's largest Perfumery and Cosmetics chain with over 3,600 stores in Brazil and around 600 outlets in other countries.

O Boticario is…
The mark of attitude, closeness, self esteem, joy and beauty that inspires beauty!
The brand that knows that happy women are the most beautiful
The upbeat brand that always sees the good in life
The brand of counselor and expert service, which relies on constant training and the pampering of its fans
The brand of addictive products with unforgettable smells, vibrant colors, irresistible textures and proven results.
The specialist gift brand even for your own use.

Always stay with us.
The Boticario