The NEW Saudades Set

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Who would have ever thought that Thaty, Inamoratta, and Carpe Diem would be together again? These limited edition fragrances are now back spreading all that loving and nostalgic feeling. This 3 piece set includes:
* Saudade is a Portuguese word that expresses a feeling of longing or nostalgia.

Innamorata Eau de Toilette - 100ml | 3.4 fl. oz
Embrace who you are with this authentic combination of white flowers, fruity notes, enriched with comforting musk.

Carpe Diem Eau de Toilette - 100ml | 3.4 fl. oz
A scent that inspires freedom and joy, combining citric notes with a woody touch.

Thaty Eau de Toilette - 100ml | 3.4 fl. oz
Thaty blends popular ingredients and delivers a delightful and striking sensation of freshness and renewal.

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