Floratta Fleur Supreme Eau de Parfum Set

$72.80 $91.00

Giving a gift has never been so easy with our NEW Floratta Fleur Supreme Eau de Parfum Set. This set for Women not only looks equisite but is the exact intensity and glow you need. 

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Floratta Fleur Supreme Eau de Parfum - 75ml - Floratta Fleur Suprême for Women is the first Eau de Parfum in the Floratta line. Its fragrance combines the intensity and glow of the love flower, Ylang Ylang, with the sophistication of the Floral Chypre scent family. This Eau de Parfum is romantic, striking and can transform special occasions into extraordinary moments. 

Floratta Fleur Supreme Satin Body Cream - 8.8oz - 
Floratta Fleur Supreme Hydrating Satin Body Cream is yet another best seller amongst the Floratta portfolio. This Satin Body Cream for Women not only has a satiny touch but has quick absorption and a fragrance that matches the striking Ylang Ylang floral scent of the Eau de Parfum for Women. 

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