Nativa SPA Royal Vanilla Moisturizing Body Lotion, 400ml | 13.5 fl.oz

Nativa SPA invites you to discover the Royal Vanilla. A more complex facet of the African Bourbon Vanilla, which is obtained through an exquisite maturation and curing process of the vanilla beans.

Nativa SPA Royal Vanilla Moisturizing Body Lotion is enriched with purified drops of quinoa that increase collagen production and prevent loss of skin elasticity. An incentive for women not to forget their own crown and feel confident without needing anything other than their skin.

In addition, the moisturizing lotion has fragrance microcapsules that arouse charm every time the skin is touched. The powerful and sophisticated fragrance of Nativa SPA Royal Vanilla connects us with our own royalty and awakens confidence and empowerment. Feel that sensation on your skin!

Sustainability secrets: Its packaging is made with recycled PET. Also, its manufacture uses a 100% cold process, which means less energy consumption reducing the environmental impact.

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