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Boti Baby Shampoo 200ml | 6.7 fl.oz

    Unfortunately this product is currently unavailable in the online store.

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    In smelling foam, the little bird is going to play. It's a cuddle bath for all to rejoice. Be day or be night, bath is always fun. Everything gets pretty clean and calms the heart. This is Boti Baby Shampoo, a delicious smell that makes you want to play in the bath tub, to blow scented foam to see it fly. The tears proof shampoo clears softly baby's delicate hair. Its glycerinated formula contains cotton extract, fennel e it dye, parabens and alcohol free. Its pump packaging offers a great usability in bath time! This product is vegan: we don't use any raw material from animal source in its composition and fabrication. Oh, besides it, as well as all Grupo Boticário's products, it is not tested in animals.