Botica 214 Peony & Apricot Eau de Parfum, 75ml | 2.5 fl.oz

About the product

Botica 214 Peony & Apricot Eau de Parfum expresses the contrast between the delicacy of the Peony flower and the brilliance of the Apricot Blanc from France. The perfect blend of the notes of these ingredients results in a luminous chord with opulent nuances, which translates an exceptionally radiant fragrance.

The creator of Botica 214 Peony & Apricot Eau de Parfum chose to work with the succulent aroma of fresh Apricot, contrasted by a slightly sweet and exuberant bouquet of pink Peonies. The eau de parfum also features Apple Blossom, Pink Pomelo, Bergamot and Mandarin in the starting notes, White Peach, Lychee and Iris next to the Peony in the body notes, and Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Musk in the base, which fit perfectly in the floral fragrance.