Glamour Perfumed Body Oil 150ml | 5.0 fl.oz

About the product

Glamour Body Oil has an absolutely feminine scent that emphasises the charm of each woman and also brings deep hydration to the skin. In its essence, it conveys mandarin orange, which refers you back to childhood, happiness and joyfulness; neroli, that has a spicy, refreshing and different aroma with sweet and floral characteristics. Easy to spread and rinse, the body oil texture does not leave the skin sticky, but gives off a silky, velvety touch. Its formula has superior hydration power, moisturizing for up to 70 hours without rinsing and up to 48 hours even after rinsing. Lets enjoy an indescribable sensory experience! Glamour is a quality from whomever or whatever is elegant, charming and considered seductive.