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Created for sophisticated women, Elysée is a line of unique fragrances had been developed with ingredients selected from the Chypre olfactory family. Elyseé is modern and cosmopolitan with floral flair. Elyseé Nuit brings the scent of damask roses with a sweet touch of macaron.

To complete the line, the satin creams bring an explosion of perfume with the same fragrances of the EDPs. They have a unique creamy texture that promotes a hydration of up to 48h. For O Boticário, being sophisticated is having silky and supple skin resulting from a protective film on the skin that prevents dryness caused by the weather.

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The packaging of these Eau de Parfum are extremely feminine and materialize the concept of luxury, transmitting personality and presence. Elysée is the Eau de Parfum in shape of jewel.