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To complement the sophistication of Malbec, the Magnetic's line brings a fragrance that arouses a strong and inexplicable attraction. The Malbec Magnetic Deodorant Cologne is the olfactory expression of magnetism, attractive and addictive.

Malbec Magnetic Deodorant Cologne has a chord that brings notes of the mineral rich soil and the fruity of Alsace's white grape that, combined with Malbec woody, reveal an intriguing and extremely seductive fragrance.

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“It's wonderful, it became my favorite of the family!”

“Malbec Magnetic is wonderful!!! the best <3”

Landmark of the perfumery, Malbec is the first fragrance of the world inspired by the sophisticated art of making wines

From the super mineralized soils of France emerges the impressive Riesling white grapes, which grants to the new Malbec the perfect essence to arouse the natural magnetism of every man.