Make B. Tropical Eau de Toilette, 70ml | 2.4 fl.oz

About the product

An absolutely luxurious colony inspired by the golden aura of Brazilian Baroque. Make B. Tropical Eau de Toilette is like that! An enchanting and mysterious eau de toilette, with a delicious fruity chypre fragrance capable of enhancing feminine exuberance with full sophistication. A delightful olfactory contrast, bordering on glamor and sensuality with its juicy fruit notes and sweet background. Italian bergamot and peach nectar immediately awaken the senses, while a beautiful and delicate floral bouquet of rose, jasmine and freesia elevate the sensations in a heart full of femininity. Its signature is due to warm chords of patchouli, vetver, vanilla and transparent musks, which emerge amid the luminosity of the essence. Like all Make B. bottles, this Eau de Toilette brings a Swarovski crystal on the lid, bringing even more sophistication to the bottle.