Nativa SPA Lychee Gift Set: Body Lotion + Liquid Soap + Hand Cream + Nécessaire

About the product

The Nativa SPA Lychee Gift Set contains products marked by an orchard scent that comes with the spring wind. Leaves the skin full of life with liquid soap, moisturizing lotion and hand cream, in addition to bringing an exclusive necessaire.

The Nativa SPA Lychee Liquid Body Soap promotes balance and lightness to the skin from the bath to the beauty session. With a light texture, the liquid soap deeply cleanses the skin during the bath, leaving in place the unique and exotic fragrance of Lychee.

The Nativa SPA Lychee Body Moisturizing Lotion offers the care that the skin needs, featuring the fragrance of Lychee, a fruit native to China, well known for its nutritional properties and its high content of vitamins and minerals. Its light and balanced aroma enriches the skin and is more intense in this body lotion thanks to the fragrance microcapsules in the formula. Numerous benefits in a single moisturizing lotion to leave the skin soft, smooth, rejuvenated and perfumed.

And who doesn't love to feel their hands soft to the touch? The Nativa SPA Lychee Moisturizing Hand Cream is the ideal care for the skin of the hands. Its new formula has a light texture and has the power of hydration, in addition to leaving hands perfumed.

The three products have a formula with the power of purified drops of quinoa. Quinoa is considered the seed of beauty, because in addition to offering a deep hydration, it helps in increasing the production of collagen and preventing the loss of skin elasticity.

The cosmetic bag that accompanies the products completes the set. Compact and resistant, it brings in the print the naturalness that refers to the Nativa SPA line and the colors of the Nativa SPA Lychee line. Great for organizing products in your purse, backpack or suitcase.

To complete the set, a beautiful Gift Box. In addition to bringing the identity of the Nativa SPA Lychee brand, it is still full of inspiring texts.

The Nativa SPA Lychee Kit contains:

01 Nativa SPA Lychee Body Liquid Soap, 75ml

01 Nativa SPA Lychee Deodorant Body Lotion, 75ml

01 Nativa SPA Lychee Moisturizing Hand Cream Deodorant, 50g

01 Nécessaire, 19 x 17 x 4,5cm

01 Gift Box, 21 x 18 x 4,5cm