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Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Moisturizing Body Lotion, 400ml | 13.5 fl.oz

About the product

Detox treatment is a worldwide trend that is gaining more and more strength. Now how about being able to have a line that will hydrate and take care of your skin's health? Discover the Nativa SPA Matcha line.

Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Moisturizing Body Lotion protects the skin from free radicals, which, in excess, can harm the body. Also the moisturizing cream eliminates the impurities accumulated in daily life and pollution.

With fresh fragrance, Matcha Detox Lotion also moisturizes the skin, leaving that feeling of softness and renewal.

Matcha is a detox effect ingredient with antioxidant, purifying and revitalizing properties for skin and hair. Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Moisturizing Body Lotion is here to complete body care.

In a 400 ml packaging, Matcha Detox Body Lotion is ideal for gift giving or for leaving at home and always maintaining skin health.