Grooming Essentials

The Art Of Shaving

Tips for a super easy beard care routine with our best ally: the Malbec Club male care line.


Malbec Sensitive

Step 1

Before shaving

Wash your face with Malbec Club Liquid Soap to remove impurities and avoid irritation, as contact with the blade will occur afterwards.

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Step 2

While Shaving

Using hot towel compresses is key to opening the facial pores, decreasing the hair removal friction. Malbec Club Shaving Cream aims to facilitate the slide of the blades, providing effectiveness and comfort in shaving, in addition to reducing skin irritation.

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Step 3

After Shaving

Now it's time for the Malbec Club After Shave. In addition to soothing irritations, it is also responsible for keeping the skin hydrated. That is why it's so important to understand after-shave skin care and create a routine.

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