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Privacy Policy

Secure Purchase

Our website uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, a security technology used to encode data that is transmitted between a user's computer and a website. The SSL protocol, through a data encryption process, prevents data traffic from being captured, or even changed in their course between the user's browser and the website with which it is related, thus assuring a secure purchase.

Following the input of credit card information, the transaction will be transmitted through the payment system of the website to the financial institution for authorization. O Boticario US LLC (“O Boticário”) does neither participate of the operation nor stores any payment data in relation thereto.

All other data and information while browsing in our website may be gathererd through cookies and may be stored in our database in a secure manner, and are used only as established in our Privacy Policy.

An important warning is that no security system is error-free, but the most common incidents of fraud and security breaches may be prevented with simple and highly-effective precautions, to which you are responsible for implementing, using and observing.

Therefore, keep an updated antivirus application at all times, use Internet firewalls and stay alert when opening e-mails received, so as not to install malicious software or open infected or fake links, always verifying the destination URL before you click the application status bar display.

Take good care of your password and other confidential information, and do not memorize passwords to websites and credit card information in your browser, for example.

Privacy Policy

This document, referred to as Privacy Policy, is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions (together the “Boticario Website Documents”) to browse in the this website, the purpose of which is to establish the rules regarding the capture, use and storage of data and information gathered from Internet users, in addition to recording your activities in the Site.

  1. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the terms below shall have the following meanings:

    Area: a part of the Site the access to which requires the use of a password;

    Clients: Individuals that purchased products or services offered by the Site

    Cookies: Files sent by the Site server to the Internet user computer, so as to identify the computer and obtain access data, such as pages browsed or links clicked, thus allowing a customized browsing of the Internet user in the Site, according to their profile;

    Internet user: Any person browsing the Site

    Site: means the URL

  2. Collection of Data and Information:

    2.1. Data and information will be gathered when the Internet user:

    • Signs-up with the Site;

    • Interacts with the several tools in the Site, providing information voluntarily;

    • Pays for their order through the Site; or

    • Contacts us through the communication channels available at the Site or referred therein.

  3. Storage of Data and Information:

    3.1. All data and information gathered from Internet users, except for credit card information, will be added to the database of the Site, for which the company O Boticário is responsible.

    3.2. Data and information gathered will be stored in a secure environment, according to the state-of-art available, and may only be accessed by people qualified and authorized by O Boticário.

    3.3. Considering that no security system is absolutely secure, O Boticário waives any responsibilities for loss and/or damages arising out of failures, viruses or hacking to the database of the Site, except in case of gross negligence and willful misconduct thereby.

  4. Use of Data and Information:

    4.1. Data and information gathered from Internet user/clients may, at our sole discretion, be used to:

    • Perform the delivery and collection of any product purchased through the Site, as well as to identify the respective recipient;

    • Answer any questions and requests made by Internet user;

    • Provide access to the Restricted Area;

    • Comply with a legal or regulatory requirement or court order;

    • Regularly constitute, defend or exercise rights in judicial or administrative proceedings;

    • Prepare general statistics to identify the profile of Internet users and develop campaigns for O Boticário and its affiliates;

    • Assure security to Internet users and clients;

    • Update registrations of Internet users in order to contact them by telephone, e-mail, SMS, direct mailing or by other media;

    • Disclose newsletters, promotions and events of O Boticário and its affiliates, subject to your previous consent or request.

  5. Cookies:

    5.1. The Site may use cookies, the Internet users being responsible to block their Internet browser if they do not wish to have them used. In this case, some functionalities of the Site may be limited.

  6. Miscellaneous:

    6.1. The provisions in this Privacy Policy may be updated or changed at any time, the Internet user being responsible to verify them whenever they access the Site.

    6.2. In case of questions regarding the provisions herein, the Internet user must contact us through the service channel via email or telephone.

  7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    7.1. The Governing Law and Jurisdiction clause of the Terms and Conditions is hereby incorporated for all legal purposes.