The Best of Boti Classics Set

$79.20 $99.00

You can never have too many Classics in your collection. This NEW Best of Classics assortments includes an Acqua Fresca Eau de Toilette, an Anni Eau de Toilette and a Thaty Eau de Toilette for Women. These three fragrances set the stage for an O Boticário wonder! 

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Anni -100ml | 3.4 fl. oz - Its fragrance combines delicate notes of a flower bouquet with delicious fruity notes, telling a sweet and meaningful tale. Sweetness and delicacy is what you'll experience with Anni, a timeless classic for Women. 

Acqua Fresca Eau de Toilette
- 100ml | 3.4 fl. oz - A timeless classic for Women with a citrus fragrance that combines smoothness and freshness, providing a pleasant scent all day long.

Thaty Eau de Toilette
- 100ml | 3.4 fl. oz - Thaty blends popular ingredients and delivers a delightful and striking sensation of freshness and renewal. 

*Set does NOT come assembled. Box and props not included

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