Glamour Gold & Glamour Secrets Black Set

$84.60 $94.00

An expression of power, mystery and sophistication, this glamorous set includes:

Glamour Gold Eau de Toilette -  75 ml- | 2.5 fl. oz - Glamour Gold creates a radiant allure by combining warm nuances of Amber wood, the femininity of floral bodies and an exclusive golden raspberry accord. A true homage to the 20 years of the Glamour collection you already know and love, now packed in an imposingly sophisticated, golden bottle, so you can feel glamorous on your own skin while wearing your new favorite fragrance.

Glamour Secrets Black Eau de Toilette -  75 ml- | 2.5 fl. oz - Glamour Secrets Black was inspired by the feminine imaginary concept of the "boudoir", the most reserved and confidential area of a woman's room. Combining different flowers, such as Tiaré Flower, and red fruits, such as Raspberry, Glamor Secrets Black brings a light touch of Vanilla that is irresistible.

Made in Brazil

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