Lily Deluxe Eau de Parfum Set for Women

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Giving a gift has never been so easy with our Lily Deluxe Eau de Parfum Set. Start each day with this trio of handcrafted luxury. This luxurious Women's set, made up of the best selling Lily items, is the perfect way to show your love + the packaging gives it all the sophistication it deserves!

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Lily Eau de Parfum for Women - 75ml | 2.5 fl. oz - Our best selling women's fragrance. Through the artisan handcrafted process of enfleurage, essential oils of the delicate lily flower are extracted to provide the essence of this enticing, crisp and gorgeous perfume.

Lily Satin Hydrating Body Cream for Women - 250g | 8.8oz - Our best selling women's moisturizer. Lightly scented, this cream highlights the essence of the feminine Stargazer Lily blended with the fresh notes of the classic Eau de Parfum.

Lily Perfumed Body Oil for Women - 150ml | 5.0 fl. oz - Our best selling women's boy oil. This oil brings the rarity and delicacy of the unique Lily scent while providing a silky and velvety touch to the skin.

*Set does not come assembled

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