Malbec Club Sensitive Shaving Foam


The newest addition to the best selling Malbec Collection will complete your grooming routine. NEW Malbec Club Sensitive Shaving Foam is just the right amount of self care he needs each day.

With a creamy yet light texture, this Sensitive Shaving Foam is for Men who are looking to decrease shaving irrations and have a freeling of renewed skin after shaving. Its astringent action relieves irritation and helps to close pores, preventing that sticky skin feeling.

Malbec Club Sensitive Shaving Foam decreases shaving irrations by softening the hair, making it easier to slide the blade on your skin. It combines the soothing action of Bisabolol with the repairing power of Ginger extract to minimize irritation resulting in the refreshing sensation of smooth, irritation-free skin.

The Malbec Club Sensitive Line is designed for facial skin that presents irritation and redness during shaving.

Compliment your daily men's regimen with the Malbec Grooming Collection for Men

Cruelty Free & Vegan
Made in Brazil
190g I 6.7oz

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