Nativa SPA Acaí Deluxe Holiday Gift Set + Bonus Dry Brush

$75.60 $84.00

Nourish their every day with a wholesome ritual. Set aside time in the daily routine to pamper yourself or others with the full line of Acaí body care. Wrap yourself in a full regimen of antioxidants or give as a gift to someone you love. The Nativa SPA Acaí Deluxe Gift Set for Women is the perfect gift wrapped up into a signature Boticário holiday gift box

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Nativa SPA Acaí Moisturizing Body Lotion - 400ml | 13.5fl oz. - This incredible Lotion hydrates your body with Acaí nutrients and leaves your skin feeling soft and renewed all while giving you the fragrance from the exotic delicious fruit, Acaí. 

Nativa SPA Acaí Body Oil - 200ml | 6.7fl. oz - A body oil that is rich in powerful ingredients and with an anti-aging effect. Nativa SPA Acaí Body Oil is perfect to retain your skin's moisture levels. It combines all the benefits of quinoa grains with a delightful fragrance and incredible texture. 

Nativa SPA Acaí Hand Cream
- 2.6oz - With a light texture, Nativa SPA Acaí Moisturizing Hand Cream features a new formula with pure quinoa drops that has great hydrating power. It also helps to rejuvenate the skin and make it velvety soft. 

Exclusive Nativa SPA Dry Brush
- This ancient technique is simple, but powerful. Gently brushing your skin with a soft yet firm brush unclogs pores through exfoliation, detoxifies skin by stimulating blood circulation, and leaves an invigorating feeling when you’re done. It feels like you’ve just gotten a massage.

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