Nativa Spa Black Plum Liquid Body Soap


Nativa SPA Black Plum (Amexia Negra) Body Liquid Soap is perfect for cleaning and nourishing your skin ensuring softness and a beautiful fragrant finish. Its formula is enriched with purified quinoa drops, which increase collagen production and prevent the loss of skin elasticity.  

With a focus on sustainability, the packaging is produced with vegetable plastic, derived from sugar cane. This prevents the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Its production also has a 100% cold process, which reduces the environmental impact as it consumes less energy.  

Nativa SPA Black Plum Liquid Body Soap produces a creamy foam to clean the skin and still guarantee the sweet scent through the day.  

200ml | 6.7 fl. oz
Cruelty Free
Made in Brazil 

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