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Nativa SPA Lilac Smoothing Whipped Oil Body Cream

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Nativa SPA Lilac Smoothing Whipped Oil Body Cream cares for your skin with active ingredients that help regenerate the skin barrier and replenish natural moisture by up to 2x, in an innovative and luxurious texture that transforms just like flowers: a revolutionary touch of cream that melts into the skin, turning into a body oil.

With an exclusive combination of four lilac flowers, the famous Lavender, the exuberant Iris, the elegant Violet and the pure reference of the line, Lilac, the fragrance results in an unforgettable floral scent. An elegant, sophisticated and soft floral scent.

With Quinoa Oil and Bio Retinol, this body cream oil is also formulated with ingredients of natural origin, plus more benefits:

  • Replenishes the skin's natural moisture by up to 2x;

  • Regenerates the skin barrier;

  • Keeps skin protected from dryness and forms a moisturizing film. 

  • Soft, velvety feel.

  • Nutrient-rich 100% Pure Quinoa Oil

Flowers are nature's ultimate demonstration of beauty, blooming in all their shapes, colors, and textures. Inspired by the enchanting allure of flowers and their rejuvenating essence, Nativa SPA Lilac invites you to indulge in the delicate touch of blossoms, offering deep revitalization for healthy, radiant skin.

Made in Brazil
Cruelty Free
200g | 7 oz

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