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Nativa SPA Shea Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter Lotion

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Rich, yet soft, this Nativa SPA Shea Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter has an extra-deep formula that delivers a moisturizing power to restore, and immediately improve any sign of dry skin. This blend does not leave the skin feeling sticky, and will make sure to even out tone and skin texture, while delivering all-day comfort.

A creamy, light and sweet aroma that inspires protection and comfort. Feel the dense texture of this formula nourishing and restoring the skin while providing all-day comfort.

In addition to its moisturizing properties, it also contains microcapsules with the floral gourmand fragrance that is present across the Nativa SPA Shea range, which break as the day progresses, bringing moments of surprise and high fragrance durability.

Made in Brazil
Cruelty Free
200g | 7.0 fl.oz

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