O Boticário

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The NEW MINI Boti Classics Set

You can never have too many Classics in your collection. This NEW MINI Classic assortment includes three of Brazil's favorite scents that will bring anyone back to the fondest memories in their life. These three fragrances set the stage for an O Boticário wonder!

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Anni Eau de Toilette - 30ml | 1 fl. oz - Its fragrance combines delicate notes of a flower bouquet with delicious fruity notes, telling a sweet and meaningful tale. Sweetness and delicacy is what you'll experience with Anni, a timeless classic for Women.

Acqua Fresca Eau de Toilette - 30ml | 1 fl. oz -
A timeless classic for Women with a citrus fragrance that combines smoothness and freshness, providing a pleasant scent all day long.

Thaty Eau de Toilette - 30ml | 1 fl. oz -
Thaty blends popular ingredients and delivers a delightful and striking sensation of freshness and renewal.

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