Zaad Eau de Parfum


Zaad has a new, more modern packaging! But don't worry, your favorite fragrance is still the same! Modern, attuned and stylish men recognize their characteristics in this compelling and sophisticated masculine scent. In order to please the most demanding styles, O Boticário carried out an intense research to find the ingredients that emit that level of good taste and sophistication.

Following a year of research, it was possible to gather the most noble essences from around the world, such as cedar from the United States; clove, nutmeg and patchouli from Indonesia; and Head Space Golden Chain Orchid from the Philippines. That combination of eccentric and exotic raw materials leaves a very striking and exclusive scent that remains in the olfactory memory for a long time.

Style, good taste and sophistication. This is what the fragrance Zaad Eau de Parfum invokes, in addition to its irresistible scent.

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