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We are Cruelty-Free!

Did you know that we haven't performed animal tests since 2000? To guarantee the quality and efficiency of our products, we created an innovative 3D skin technology. In addition, we adopted an "organs on a chip" technology, which simulates a human organ to test our products!

The Boticario Group has received two important certificates that recognize its commitment with no animal testing: Beauty Without Bunnies, given by PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals -, and Leaping Bunny, given by Cruelty Free International.

We have vegan products!

In addition to not testing on animals, Boticario has several vegan products and this number is only getting bigger ❤. Come check it out these items that don’t have animal ingredients at

Meet the Boticario Group Foundation!

Miguel Krigsner, founder of O Boticário, created in 1990 the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection, a non-profit organization maintained by the Boticário Group.

To enable the Foundation's initiatives, as well as those of the Boticário Group Institute and other sustainability actions, the Group allocates 1% of its annual net revenue to the Private Social Investment Policy. The Foundation was born from the understanding that nature´s balance is essential to guarantee humanity´s life.

To fulfill this purpose, we believe it is important to integrate three areas of action: get to know and maintain natural areas in balance, seeking innovative solutions and society´s engagement on importance of nature conservation for everyone's quality of life.

Get to know more about the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection at!