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Love Lily Gift Set for Women

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Love Lily brings the delicacy, strength and exclusivity of the Grand Rose accord – a perfect alchemy of essential oils from roses grown in France, Turkey and Bulgaria. Its striking signature relies on the energy of the exclusive essential Lily flower oil, obtained through enfleurage, a rare and artisanal extraction technique.

Love Lily Eau de Parfum for Women - 75ml | 2.5 fl. oz

An Eau de Parfum to exalt women who combine delicacy and intensity. Its exclusive bottle was designed and produced in France, the cradle of world perfumery.

Love Lily Satin Body Cream for Women - 250g | 8.8oz

Made for all skin types, this satin touch cream combines Shea Butter and Vitamin E, essential emollients that prevent skin dryness, with the exclusive fragrance of Love Lily.

*Set does not come assembled

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Made in Brazil

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